First COTS Mezzanine with 64 GSps ADC/DAC sampling

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By Nick Flaherty

Annapolis Micro Systems has developed a Mezzanine card for direct sampling of radio frequencies from 0.1 to 36 GHz, and/or with wide instantaneous bandwidths.

This is the first commercial off the shelf (COTS) FMC+ Mezzanine Card to use the Electra-AM chip from Jariet Technologies that provides the 64 GS/s, 10-bit ADC and DAC capability

The direct sampling Jariet transceiver performs frequency conversion and filtering in the digital domain, eliminating the need for analog frequency conversion for the WILD FMC+ DME1 ADC & DAC Card.

It has a usable analog bandwidth of 36 GHz and a maximum instantaneous bandwidth of 6.4 GHz on both channels simultaneously. All transceiver channels feature onboard digital downconverters (DDCs) and digital upconverters (DUCs), including sub-band channelizers for dynamic frequency selection.

“We are excited to be the first company to use Jariet’s Electra-MA transceiver in a COTS mezzanine,” said Noah Donaldson, Annapolis Micro Systems Chief Technology Officer. “This daughter card integration allows for maximum flexibility of use, and for significantly higher performance than adding the transceiver directly to a baseboard.”

“The DME1 WFMC+ from Annapolis Micro Systems represents a significant milestone in the maturity of direct sampling transceiver products,” said Craig Hornbuckle, Chief Technology Officer of Jariet Technologies. “While ADC and DAC prototypes sampling at tens of Gigasamples per second have existed in the lab for a few years, the technology has finally reached the level of maturity necessary to practically deploy it for the warfighter. Flexible spectrum access from VHF through Ka-band will be a gamechanger in the competition to control the electromagnetic spectrum.”

The DME1 is available for use with 3rd party FMC+ baseboards or with Annapolis’ WILDSTAR 3U OpenVPX Baseboards that have one WFMC+ mezzanine site or 6U OpenVPX Baseboards with two WFMC+ mezzanine sites and up to three high-performance FPGAs. These work with the WILD Chassis Managers, secure VITA 46.11/SOSA-aligned chassis managers that implement a Xilinx UltraScale+ Zynq and latest Microsemi PolarFire FPGA.

BSP options include 40/100GbE IP and both VxWorks 7 and Linux support.

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