First Power over Ethernet splitter for USB-C power delivery

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By Nick Flaherty

To support devices from manufacturers including Apple, Google, and Samsung standardizsng on USB Type-C (USB-C) with the new Power Delivery (PD) protocol, PoE Texas has released the first integrated PoE+ to USB-C PD with separate ethernet port. The GAT-USBC converts Power over Ethernet to USB Type C power for devices including the Apple iPad Pro and Google Nest Cam,

With 10 times the power capacity of earlier USB protocols, USB-C powers modern electronics with the capacity to charge a phone in 15 minutes or simultaneously charge a laptop and power an external monitor. Phones, cameras, Wifi Access Points, laptops and tablets use the USB-C PD standard.

PoE significantly lowers the cost of adopting USB-C by eliminating the need for new electrical infrastructure. USB-C can only transmit power less than 3m and is uncommon in buildings and homes.  Ethernet cable can transmit power and data 100m and is nearly ubiquitous in modern construction.

The GAT-USBC is a 802.3at/PoE+ splitter that supports 25W PoE+ (both active and passive). For cost conscious users who control both the Power Supplying Equipment (PSE) and the Powered Device (PD), the POE-USBC-Kit uses the 24 volt PoE standard at up to 25W.

With the higher power uPoE (IEEE 802.3bt) standard coming in 2018, PoE Texas has developed 60W PoE PSE’s with upcoming designs for 60W PoE splitters to support full capacity USB-C PD.


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