First protocol analyzer/exerciser for PCIe 6.0

First protocol analyzer/exerciser for PCIe 6.0

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Teledyne LeCroy, a business unit of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, has announced the Summit M616 PCI Express (PCIe®) protocol analyzer/exerciser, a first of its kind for testing designs and products that incorporate next-generation PCIe 6.0 traffic. By enabling PCIe 6.0 designs, with two times the speed and optimal data flow, the Summit M616 is paving the way for technologies such as AI, machine learning, high-performance computing and ubiquitous computing that require the higher I/O performance that PCIe 6.0 offers.

Teledyne LeCroy has been at the forefront of PCI Express development for more than a decade working closely with the computer industry to provide the analysis features companies have needed for PCIe storage and IoT technology development.  The Summit M616 exerciser/analyzer helps developers deliver on the promise of PCIe 6.0 by enabling several key benefits such as:

Reliability at twice the speed — The Summit M616 Exerciser functionality addresses the needs of PCIe developers by providing high-performance 64 GT/s traffic generation on devices with link widths up to 16 lanes. The analyzer functionality supports the same line rates with lane widths, and features Teledyne LeCroy’s industry standard CATC Trace™. The Summit M616 traffic generation capability also can be used to develop standardized compliance test suites.

More robust testing abilities — The Summit M616 integrates the analyzer and exerciser into a unified single application that incorporates traffic generation and protocol analysis. The protocol exerciser provides realistic traffic to devices under test and also can emulate complex host- or device-side traffic, while the protocol analyzer acquires, records, decodes, analyzes, and displays complex high-speed PCI Express I/O streams.  When analyzers and exercisers are used together, developers can create powerful script-level traffic and monitor the results of all tests real time to ensure systems have been designed with enough flexibility to withstand a range of potential issues.

Real-time trouble-shooting and timely completion — All Teledyne LeCroy protocol analysis and test products feature a hierarchical display, real-time statistics, protocol traffic summaries, detailed error reports, powerful scripting, and the ability to create user-defined test reports, which allow developers to troubleshoot intricate problems and finish their projects on time.

Optimized flow of data — Like PCIe 6.0 itself, the Summit M616 exerciser packages data with a flit stream, rather than a packetized structure. This approach delivers several benefits, including the optimization of data flow by reducing idle time and using space more efficiently to drive data rates up.

“Teledyne LeCroy has been leading the industry in protocol test support for the PCI Express architecture for a number of years and we are now brining to market our next-generation testing solution to help shorten development and testing as the industry transitions to PCIe 6.0,” said Kevin Prusso, General Manager, Teledyne LeCroy. “We have designed the Summit M616 to enable new designs to reliably operate at twice the speed of the latest generation of PCIe technology. Additionally, users who are moving to PCIe 6.0 with Teledyne LeCroy test systems can appreciate the rich library of decodes and analysis capabilities that are available on all of Teledyne LeCroy’s PCIe test tools.”

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