First rewireable IEC appliance inlet with V-Lock

First rewireable IEC appliance inlet with V-Lock

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The IEC appliance inlet 4783 from Schurter is the first of its kind: for the first time it combines a reconnectable C13 appliance inlet with the proven V-Lock cord retention system.
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Available in black, white and grey for better differentiation – e.g. in 3-phase systems, the reconnectable appliance sockets are particularly suitable for small series builds. With these inlets designers are free to choose the cable length and country-specific plugs. New and unique to the 4783, is the integrated V-Lock cord retention system, which effectively prevents the cable from being pulled out unintentionally. A cable guard with a diameter of 8.5 mm or 10 mm is pre-assembled at the factory. The screw terminals accept cables with cross-sections between a minimum of 3×0.75mm²/18 AWG (0.82 mm²) and a maximum of 3×1.5mm²/14 AWG (2.08mm²). Type 4783 does not use halogens in the cable guard or any other plastic components.

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