First universal mobile access control platform

First universal mobile access control platform

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Kastle® has launched Kastle EverPresence™, the first truly interoperable physical access control system, an innovation that represents the next bold step in creating a world where the same open-standard mobile credential gives users seamless access to the places they live, work, and play.

The release of EverPresence coincides with the release of the Aliro connectivity standard by the Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA.) Aliro introduces a common standard — long championed by Kastle and led by major OEMs like Apple, Google, and Samsung — to ensure security and interoperability among certified smartphones, wearables, and access control readers.

Like the way that a credit card can be read and processed by a variety of hardware terminals, EverPresence will enable an access control system to recognize mobile credentials from different systems that have previously been incompatible. It will provide real estate and facility owners and operators with the flexibility to manage disparate hardware and software systems and scale operations to administer multiple properties more effectively. The open platform ensures the access system will be future-compatible, and upgraded to the Aliro standard when it is adopted, avoiding system overhauls, and minimizing the risk of being locked into proprietary systems that might become obsolete.

“This solution has been the dream of real estate and the access control industry for decades. EverPresence eliminates barriers due to manufacturer incompatibility between devices and systems and frees occupant movement between the lobby and office suite and even to use amenities in other buildings,” said Haniel Lynn, CEO of Kastle.

With EverPresence, Kastle caps a multimillion-dollar, multiyear investment in its open access platform to achieve this fully end-to-end interoperable access offering. It builds on the promise of Aliro to create reciprocity between readers and user devices, thereby giving the property managers and end users the flexibility of choosing among various Aliro-enabled equipment and devices. This “front-end” capability complements Kastle’s managed platform with distinctive system capabilities tried and tested in almost 3,000 buildings and 50,000 businesses. The architecture of Kastle’s cloud-based, identity-centric technology stack, built and enhanced to be open and secure, enables interoperability across disparate underlying access control systems.

The EverPresence platform provides a smart, future-proof choice for any space in need of a new access system, or anyone concerned about being locked into proprietary technology. The full platform improves the building occupant experience, giving users the convenience of moving effortlessly between spaces with the same mobile credential. Importantly, with widespread Aliro adoption, it will give operators the flexibility to accept a variety of access and mobile device vendors each tenant brings to their workplace.

“We envision over 1 billion square feet of commercial space equipped with interoperable access in the next five years,” said Lynn. “We think the Aliro release represents a tipping point for interoperability, and we’re ready to apply our years of investment in this technology to make the most of this opportunity.”

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