First wireless Qi power pack

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By Nick Flaherty

The 5000mAh WiBa power pack simultaneously charges Qi-enabled smartphones wirelessly and uses the same standard to charge itself. A magnetic sheet can be added to the smartphone to keep it attached to the power pack.

The WiBa charging dock charges the power bank without plugging in a cord, and also serves as a traditional wireless charging pad that can charge a Qi-enabled smartphone. There is also a USB3 2.1A connector on the pack to charge other devices.

It uses a patent-pending technology to for quick charging results and enough power to simultaneously charge the power bank and wireless device. However it does not have a Qi input and can only be wirelessly charged by the charging dock. The charging dock does have Qi Fast Charge output for charging a device directly. 

Avido points out that sensors in phones such as the LG G6 & Droid 2 Turbo lock the screen if they detect magnets. The WiBa can still charge these devices, it says, but the screen may be unusable when charging.



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