Flexible 3D camera system integrates 100W projector and Gigabit Ethernet connector

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By Julien Happich

The system comprises a powerful 100 W projector unit with an integrated GigE switch on which two 1.3 megapixel cameras can be mounted at different distances. This facilitates a range of working distances and angles and allows users to capture larger objects, such as whole pallets or entire rooms. The range of applications includes anything from bin picking to warehouse and logistics automation. The Ensenso X36 also features the FlexView2 projector, which ensures an even better spatial resolution as well as a very high robustness of the system for dark, shiny or reflecting surfaces.

The Ensenso X series initially includes the two X30 and X36 models. The 3D camera systems comprise a projector unit and two GigE uEye CP industrial cameras with 1.3 megapixel resolution mounted on special brackets, which are available in different lengths. The 100W projector of the 3D camera system projects a random pattern of dots on the object to capture images of surfaces that have almost no texture at all.

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