Flexible battery retains charge after twisting in wearable designs

Flexible battery retains charge after twisting in wearable designs

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By Nick Flaherty

The family of 3.8V rechargeable batteries ranges from17mAh to 60mAh and can retain their characteristics even after repeatedly bent into a radius of 25mm or twisted to an angle of 25 degrees. The battery can maintain more than 99% of its initial capacity after 1,000 bends with a radius of 25mm, or after twisted 1,000 times with an angle ±25°/100mm

This comes from a newly developed laminated outer layer and newly developed internal laminate structure and stacked electrode, where Panasonic has filed 25 patents from the development. The CH-062939 flexible battery can withstand bending and twisting beyond the Japanese Industrial Standards(JIS) for identification cards which also allows it to be used in wearable devices and smart clothing. The weight varies from 0.7g to 1.9g.

Sample shipments are scheduled to start by the end of October 2016. Product development will continue towards mass production, with an eye to an even slimmer form factor ideal for various IoT devices such as card devices and wearable devices.

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