Flexible Bluetooth LE beacon sticker operates on photovoltaics

Flexible Bluetooth LE beacon sticker operates on photovoltaics

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Fujitsu claims the prototype beacon has obtained the world’s first ucode tag certification for a beacon from the TRON Forum. It can be easily mass produced and is capable of transmitting a globally unique ID for more reliable location information services. Location codes are sent inside packets. Bluetooth-enabled devices receiving the code send enquiries to a server that manages the location codes thus allowing them to receive locational information. Thanks to this certification, the beacons can be linked with all types of map data that form the foundation for delivering services.

The beacon was produced printing a circuit wiring pattern (with a conductive paste) to which electric components were mounted and connected with conductive adhesive. The paste and adhesive materials were selected to enable mass-production with existing production facilities.
Some application scenarios for these low-cost battery-less Bluetooth LE beacons include location information services such as guidance support for the visually impaired within stations or around town, or efficient seat management for stadiums.

The conformable nature of the tags makes them suitable to be affixed to clothes and shoes, extending use cases to user-centric applications.

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