Flexible flat cable connector has a 0.4mm pitch, only 0.9mm hight

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The compact TF13 Series FPC connector is well suited for a wide range of portable electronic applications including consumer, medical, point-of-sale devices and more. The TF13 Series FPC/FFC connector has single sided leads, bottom contacts with a front-access style back flip actuator. With this unique back flip design, the actuator is closed and protected before being mounted to the PCB board. The combined side catcher, back flip design provides a superior FPC retention force of up to 3X front flip connectors. The side catcher also prevents misalignment and ensures correct mating. In addition, the TF13 Series connector prevents solder wicking and flux penetration to further increase reliability and long term operation. The connector comes in a number of positions ranging from 6 to 20.
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