Flexible instruments for HDMI and DisplayPort test

Flexible instruments for HDMI and DisplayPort test

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Teledyne LeCroy's quantumdata M41h HDMI and M41d DisplayPort test systems can be upgraded from functional testers to protocol analysers
By Nick Flaherty


Teledyne LeCroy has launched flexible HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort test systems for or video designers and integrators providing functional to full protocol compliance testing.

The quantumdata M41h HDMI and M41d DisplayPort test instruments allow design and test engineers to test and validate their products for interoperability and reliability of the HDMI 2.1 or DisplayPort 1.4 video interface implementations. More functionality an be added via software licenses as additional requirements arise.

The quantumdata M41h and M41d can be upgraded from a functional tester with source and sink to a protocol analyser and, if desired, can test full standards compliance, enabling developers to pre-test or self-test independently, reducing delays and costs. 

The M41h equipped with both an HDMI Tx port and an HDMI Rx port for testing FRL-capable and TMDS sources and sinks up to aggregate data rates of 48Gb/s. The M41h is also supports enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) Tx/Rx functional testing and compliance testing or both eARC Tx devices and eARC Rx devices.

The HDMI Rx port provides deep analysis capabilities for HDMI 2.1 Fixed Rate Link (FRL) with  Forward Error Correction (FEC) up to 48Gbps (12Gbps/Channel). The HDMI Rx analyzer port provides visibility into the Fixed Rate Link packetization—FRL packets, Character blocks and Super blocks. The instrument also supports analysis of the FRL link training functions of a receiver in the FRL mode in both 3 lane and 4 lane configurations to test a source’s FRL link training function. Deep analysis of FRL source streams or TMDS streams enables you to identify and resolve interoperability problems early in the product life cycle. The M41h depicts the incoming FRL packet structure and associated control elements. This includes depicting the Character Block structure and Super Block structure. All FRL packet data elements are assigned precise timestamps. Once the FRL stream is captured you can view and analyze the underlying TMDS (tri-byte) contents as well.

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An HDMI Tx port for video generation of FRL streams supports testing of FRL-capable displays, while the video generator function enables tests on FRL-capable display devices by rendering FRL streams up to 8K video resolutions at lane rates up to 12Gb/s and at an aggregate link rate of 48Gb/s. The video generator function supports free selection of specific video formats (including 8K), colorimetry, bit depth, chroma subsampling and test patterns in both the FRL and TMDS modes.

The M41h also supports the Fixed Rate Link (FRL) source and sink video, audio and protocol compliance test suites for certification of both FRL source and sink devices. The industry-approved comprehensive test suites enable pre-test or self-test of FRL capable source or sink devices in the lab.

The M41d HBR3 Video Analyser/Generator for DisplayPort test provides entry level functional testing that can be extended through software licenses to full compliance testers with sophisticated analysis and diagnostic capabilities for the DisplayPort 1.4 video interface.  It has both DisplayPort Tx and Rx port pairs. Both standard DisplayPort and USB-C DP alt mode ports are provided for each side (Tx and Rx) and supports testing up 8.1 Gb/s lane rates on 1, 2 or 4 Lane configuration.

“We are pleased to introduce the quantumdata M41h and quantumdata M41d, which provide exceptional value and flexibility to accommodate a wide range of test requirements when integrating HDMI and DisplayPort technologies” said Michael Romm, Vice President and General Manager, Teledyne LeCroy’s Protocol Solutions Group.

The testers can be controlled either through a robust and efficient API for remote or automated testing applications, or locally using an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. They can be stacked on a benchtop or even rack mounted.

The quantumdata M41h and quantumdata M41d are available for ordering now.


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