Flexible LED light sheet targets European applications

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Simultaneous with the product launch in Europe, Cooledge Lighting has established Cooledge Lighting, GmbH in Munich, Germany and a sales and marketing office in Hamburg, Germany to support existing and future European customers.

"Establishing a European presence is a natural step for us as we continue to grow as a company," explained Wade Sheen, CEO of Cooledge Lighting.

Having previously received a CE mark for the company’s light sheet system, European interest has been growing since the initial product launch one year ago.

Cooledge light sheet provides high quality lighting with luminous efficacies of up to 140 lumens per watt and over 100,000 hours lifetime to L90. The light sheet utilizes a dense pattern of LEDs on a thin plastic substrate, delivering on the promise of OLEDs with the reliability and performance of LEDs.

Light sheet’s form factor permits large panels, long lengths and the ability to conform to a wide variety of shapes, eliminating many of the constraints and challenges imposed by existing LED systems. Luminaire designs using the light sheet can be fluid, thin and minimal in design as well as allowing unique material choices. Based on Cooledge Lighting’s patented technology, this new medium of light requires no heat-sinking or thermal management and inspires a wide range of novel luminaire designs.

Cooledge light sheet comes in various sizes having widths from 28 mm to 280 mm and lengths up to 10 m. The linear sheets are available in nominal one-foot standard lengths and can be custom configured to luminaire manufacturer requirements. Light sheet is fully dimmable with standard commercial dimmers and is a class-2 low voltage component, allowing for ease of integration and design. The product is RoHS/REACH compliant and carries a 5-year limited system warranty.

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