Flexible luminaire has OLED module inside

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The lamp shade, manufactured from injection-moulded silicone frames the equilateral OLED corpus. The flat illuminant holds the soft material in shape which in turn protects the module inside. The outline highlights the slim design of the OLED module and integrates it between cable holder and the very reduced design of the shade. The product surprises through its soft shell and the simple exchangeability of the OLED.

For the luminaire, Tridonic contributed the Lureon REM OLED module which features an extremely slim design with a thickness of less than 2.5mm. The warm white light with a colour temperature of 2700K allows the pendant luminaire to be installed in an ambiance full of atmosphere. The Lureon REM boasts with an excellent colour reproduction (CRI better than 80) and a system efficiency of 40lm/W.

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