Flexible technologies: New perspectives for sensors

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The Munich-based institute will show a flexible temperature display that contains the sensor circuitry along with flexible batteries, all integrated on a flexible plastic carrier. Another example of highly integrated flexible sensor electronics is flexible air quality measurement system. This system measures multiple air quality parameters at the same time and does not require any external power source. The system integrates heterogeneous technologies on a single carrier; the plastic film carries double-side conductor paths and is equipped with thinned silicon ICs, flexible sensor modules for temperature, air humidity and CO2 content as well as solar cells and flexible recharging batteries. With the device, the researchers intend to demonstrate innovative assembly and connection technologies that enable developers to exactly align and connect the conductor paths. Just one example is their patented pick-and-laminate technique that makes it possible to laminate two conductor paths very precisely one over the other.

To facilitate the integration of silicon components, the EMFT researchers also developed the ‘Dicing-by-thinning’ technique to create flexible silicon integrated circuits at a thickness of only 10 micrometres. This technique links silicon technology to flexible electronics, says professor Karlheinz Bock, general manager the EMTF business field Flexible Systems. "The combination of such different technology worlds opens up new perspectives to integrate flexible systems into many products", he said.

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