Flicker-free videos and brilliant images rendered in 3D

Flicker-free videos and brilliant images rendered in 3D

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Rather than using shutter glasses to generate parts the 3D effect, the FPR 3D technology only requires polarisation glasses without batteries, making it a light weight solution which is more comfortable to wear. In addition, polarisation glasses cost a lot less than battery-powered shutter glasses. 3D glasses and a clip-on for those wearing glasses are included in the package of the d2757Ph.

Relying on IPS (in-plane switching), the d2757Ph delivers crisp images with unaltered colours up to viewing angles of 178° both horizontal and vertical, enabling multiple users to enjoy the great picture quality on the large 27″ screen from different viewpoints.

Featuring a static contrast of 1000:1 (dynamic contrast: 20,000,000:1), an ultra-short response time of only 5 ms and a luminance of 250 cd/m2, the LED model offers great performance not only for professional graphics usage, but also for demanding users at home – all this at a very competitive price. 2D to 3D conversion is enabled through integrated software, and can be activated through a hotkey on the bezel. Old photos, home videos or classic movies can thus be viewed in an entirely new perspective.

The display comes in a black 5.8 mm thin frame with a brushed metal front band. It is fitted with a detachable stand.

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