Flush mounted 18W and 30W AC-DC converters for wall installation

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By Nick Flaherty

The robust electronic circuitry and IP68 waterproof encapsulation of the RACM18/W and RACM30/W withstand harsh operating conditions and make them highly reliable. The compact round shape design allows them to be fitted into flush mount wall installations and they come with the latest household, medical and ITE certifications.

The RACM18-ER/W and RACM30-ER/W series are designed for BF-rated medical, household and industrial applications, such as smart building, 2xMOPP medical healthcare, sanitary, and Automat, being able to operate up to 5000m altitude and temperature ranges from -20°C up to +80°C.

Both series are covered by the latest EN60335 household standards, as well as the IEC/EN60601 medical and the IEC/EN60950 ITE standards.

The complete modules include dual fusing and surge protection and do not need any external components, as they pass Class B EMI with at least 6dB below the limits. The CE-marked standard versions have 14 and 19cm long wires for input and output connections which can easily be adapted to and they come with a three-year warranty. Samples are available from Recom distributors.


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