FMC carriers built around Altera Arria-10 FPGAs

FMC carriers built around Altera Arria-10 FPGAs

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VadaTech's AMC535 and AMC536 AdvancedMC FMC carriers are based on Altera Arria-10 FPGAs, using the SX660 (SoC enabled with a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore) and the GX1150 (providing 1,150 thousand Les) respectively.
By Julien Happich


Both boards come with 16GB of 64-bit wide DDR-4 organized as two banks for high-speed data buffering. When used with VadaTech’s range of signal conversion and network interface FMCs, these products are suitable for radar, SIGINT, broadcast and backhaul applications. VadaTech supports multiple open standard form factors, including MicroTCA, cPCI, oVPX and PCI Express. The PCI536 is a PCI Express card that provides the same basic functionality as the AMC536 and benefits from active cooling for both FPGA and FMC. Dedicated dual x6 board-to-board links allow multiple cards to communicate directly without staging data at the host.

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