Ford pickups unveil first LED forward lighting solution

Ford pickups unveil first LED forward lighting solution
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The 2015 model of the Ford F-150 will become the world's first pickup truck on the market with a complete LED forward lighting solution from Osram.
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Ford produce the biggest selling pickup truck in the USA and the new model’s innovative lighting system will comprise dipped beam and high beam, turn indicators, parking light and control module.

Osram’s LED forward lighting solution meets all the requirements in terms of robustness and durability and are resistant to shocks and vibrations – an important factor for a vehicle which is also used off-road.  The LED headlamps consume far less energy than conventional lighting technologies and their light color is similar to that of natural daylight. The LEDs also compare favorably with conventional halogen technology in terms of their light output.

In close cooperation with the headlight manufacturer Flex-N-Gate, Osram has given the front of the vehicle a completely new look. The LED front lights, in which LEDs from Osram’s subsidiary Osram Opto Semiconductors are installed, give the F150 an unmistakable appearance which blends with the styling of the whole vehicle.

Osram has gone one step further with its laser technology, which the company has supplied for the new BMW i8 and other high-end models. Thanks to its high luminance, which is greater than that of any other light source available today, headlamps can be made even smaller than they are already. At the same time, high beam from a laser module offers the greatest beam range and therefore better visibility for the driver and greater road safety.

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