Four new 2-A high voltage half-bridge MOSFET drivers offer best-in-class performance

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The family of 100 V, 2 A, high frequency half-bridge drivers provide the shortest rise/fall times, adjustable dead-time control and flexible control outputs.

The HIP2120, HIP2121, HIP2122 and HIP2123 products provide more flexibility to control the half-bridge MOSFETs and to reduce the component count of the application circuit. Additionally, the integrated delay timer allows designers to adjust the dead-time between the two outputs via an external resistor, eliminating the shoot-through current that can occur in half-bridge and synchronous buck topologies. The new drivers are designed for telecom isolated half-bridge DC/DC converters, non-isolated DC/DC converters, motor drivers, Class-D amplifiers and a variety of other applications.

The devices feature 10 ns driver rise and fall time and an integrated delay timer is programmable with an external resistor.
The HIP2120 and HIP2121 have single PWM input and enable pin.  The HIP2122 and HIP2123 have independent high-side and low-side inputs.  The HIP2120 and HIP2122 have CMOS compatible inputs with hysteresis.  The HIP2121 and HIP2123 have 3.3 V TTL compatible inputs.  The devices offer a wide supply voltage range of 8 V to 14 V with supply undervoltage protection

Availability and Pricing

The HIP212x series is available now in compact 4×4 mm 10-pin or 9-pin DFN packages, with prices starting at $1.67 each in 1,000-unit quantities.

More information about the HIP2120, HIP2121, HIP2122 and HIP2123 products at


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