Foxy Power in global soft switch AI power tech deal

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By Nick Flaherty

The Pre-Fetch soft switch power technology developed by California-basd Pre-Switch uses AI to constantly-adjust the relative timing of elements within the switching system required to force a resonance to offset the current and voltage wave forms and minimise switching losses. Foxy has been instrumental in design wins with German car makers. 

“Foxy Power has efficiently approached top global automotive OEMs and automotive suppliers with our technology resulting in strategic design wins.  They have also mapped these wins into further successes in industrial applications such as motor drives, battery chargers and renewables” said Bruce Renouard, CEO of Pre-Switch (above left).

“Foxy Power is focused identifying the unique technical value propositions of a company before starting to promote its products,” said Christopher Rocneanu, CEO and founder of Foxy Power (above, right). “In Pre-Switch’s case, its unique capability is bringing soft-switching to DC-AC and AC-DC inverters which significantly increases switching frequencies while reducing transistor costs. Their technology has shown added range for battery applications such as electric vehicle traction inverters and reduced the size, weight and system costs for industrial applications.”

The Pre-Flex soft switch technology can be used in electric vehicles, solar inverters, wind turbines, UPS, storage and motor drives.

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