Fraunhofer, partner BTI showcase innovative IIoT communication technology

Fraunhofer, partner BTI showcase innovative IIoT communication technology

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The new technology from Fraunhofer IIS is called MIOTY (no explenation were given about the meaning of the acronym). It is aimed at applications in remote monitoring of large industrial plants, buildings or company premises as well as smart city solutions. MIOTY is a hardware-independent software solution that has been integrated into the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) standardization for so-called low throughput networks. The Fraunhofer experts show the licensable MIOTY technology on current hardware components as a monitoring solution in industry

In many areas of IIoT, reliable condition monitoring of plants and production processes as well as predictive maintenance are important. Up to now this has not been solved, especially in complex environments of industrial plants and outdoors. With the MIOTY technology of Fraunhofer IIS, which is based on a patented telegram splitting process, this is now to be changed: MIOTY guarantees interference-resistant data transmission by radio from several hundred thousand sensors and reception over several kilometres on a gateway. The technology can be applied – even retrospectively – in operational and industrial environments or successively compacted by additional sensors. Thanks to the software-based technology approach, various hardware components, such as sub-GHz transceiver chipsets available on the market, can be used. The energy-efficient transmission technology of this low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) guarantees long sensor operating times.

Longevity and interference-free data transmission are of decisive importance in applications in the oil and gas industry. The transmission of sensor data in these large industrial plants must therefore also function reliably in the event of possible interference from other radio systems or from buildings and metal structures, which is not always the case with transmission in conventional mobile radio networks. This is where MIOTY technology from Fraunhofer IIS can provide the solution: In the free 868 MHz frequency band, data is sent directly from the individual end nodes to the central base station in a star topology. Since usually only small amounts of data have to be transmitted, this is possible in a very energy-saving manner. MIOTY was specially developed for so-called massive IoT applications with several thousand small end devices, for example for efficient remote maintenance of machines and systems.

MIOTY is a technology introduced to the European Telecommunication Standard Institute ETSI for the standardization of low throughput networks (LTN) protocols for radio interface A. ETSI has been involved in the development of standards for communications and telecommunications since 1988 and is composed of independent research and development companies and industry. The standardized procedure guarantees users a generally recognized basis for the development of new services and solutions so that different IIoT systems and solutions can interact with each other.

For interested parties, Fraunhofer IIS has developed the MIOTY Evaluation Kit, a reference implementation that enables users to use it quickly and smoothly. It contains all core components for building a network such as a base station equipped with MIOTY technology, various sensor nodes and antennas. For initial test systems, a separate wireless MIOTY network can be set up, which sends sensor data from a large number of sensors to a base station and links it to other hardware.

As a worldwide licensee of MIOTY technology, Fraunhofer and Behr Technologies Inc. (BTI) has won a partner to implement the market entry of this technology. BTI ensures MIOTY’s worldwide service and support and works closely with system integrators, solution providers, hardware manufacturers and cloud providers to deliver MIOTY communication for various Industrial IoT solutions. The first products will be launched in the course of the year.

You will find MIOTY at the Hannover fair at the Fraunhofer joint stand in hall 2 C22.

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