Free IDE supports Cortex

Free IDE supports Cortex

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Targeting industrial and home appliance applications, Toshiba’s low-power TX09 ARM926EJ-S microcontrollers offer a variety of features that help developers to add HMI-functionality to their designs. Devices in the Toshiba TX03 ARM Cortex family suit industrial, home automation and home appliance applications and include options dedicated to motor control.

Through TrueSTUDIO/TX V2.0, developers can now use a single suite of tools to create applications based on any of the microcontrollers in these product families.

TrueSTUDIO/TX V2.0 Professional is a highly integrated Eclipse-based high-end tool that incorporates ARM C/C++ edit, build and debug tools for embedded development and x86 C/C++ edit, build and debug tools for development of PC command-line applications. The IDE supports parallel compilation and multiprocessor debug; incorporates UML-based features that speed development through graphical modelling; and integrated features for source code review and code review meetings.

Available free-of-charge, TrueSTUDIO/TX V2.0 LITE offers much of the functionality of the Professional version and allows developers to design, build and debug embedded applications without any code size or time limitations. Among the features of the new IDE are state-of-the-art C/C++, Assembler and Makefile editor tools that offer advanced options for code navigation including colour-coded syntax, content-assist, refactoring and drag-and-drop code templates.

System build tools include intuitive GUIs for project configuration and command line options, a project manager wizard and a colour-coded console view. An advanced, GUI-based debugger allows developers to set complex code and data breakpoints and provides a variety of views for registers, breakpoints, memory and processes. Multiple debug configurations can be supported within the same project, while tight integration with Segger, J-LINK and other JTAG probes ensures enhanced flexibility for problem identification and resolution.

Users of the Professional version have access to a powerful UML architecture and design tools for capturing requirements and use cases, modelling structural design and dynamic behaviour and visualising and documenting software architecture.

Developers that choose TrueSTUDIO/TX V2.0 have access to functions designed to facilitate better team cooperation, work structure and development methodologies. A version control system client helps keep track of each user’s source code, ensuring that previous versions of all files can be recreated later on; and changes can be traced. It maintains a record of what changes have been made, when these occurred, who made them and for what reason. It allows developers to check-in and check-out files, branch/merge them, browse the server repository, and view file histories and file differences. A revision graph viewer can also visualize the code development (such as branches and merges) graphically.

TrueSTUDIO/TX V2.0 also offers a context-aware task management system that keeps track of bugs, to-do items and other issues. If work on a task is paused until some other time – which may be weeks later – TrueSTUDIO automatically reloads the task context (i.e. open files and their cursor positions) that was active the last time.

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