Free Keysight webinars on 5G, Quantum, AI and EV

Free Keysight webinars on 5G, Quantum, AI and EV

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By Andre Rousselot

The Keysight World Innovate virtual vision conference

highlights emerging tech trends and offers actionable insights from the industry’s best minds. The European sessions are running over 4 days from October 11 to 14


The Future Starts Here

Every day, technology advances reshape the human experience — from how we live and work, to how we move through the world. Rapidly evolving technologies, including 5G and 6G, quantum computing, digital twins and artificial intelligence, and electric and autonomous vehicles, power endless imagination and innovation across industries.

Keysight World Innovate cuts through the noise to give technology leaders, engineers, and innovators like you a head start on near- and far-term technology developments. Hear industry leaders and futurists share their expertise and predictions. Join us for an inspiring preview of these exciting advances and their possibilities for your industry.

Join the webinars for free:

October 11, 11:00am to 12:45 : Evolving To Private Networks and 6G​

Opening Keynote | Welcome to the Private 5G Era

Hear analyst Pablo Tomasi discuss how capturing the opportunities in 5G private networks requires ecosystem collaboration on everything from device testing to creating innovative solutions.

Panel | Fun Things To Do With 5G and 6G

Join our panelists as they discuss critical enablers in Industry 4.0, explore emerging use cases, and help connect the dots on the evolution from 5G private networks to 6G.

Closing Keynote | The Future of Networks in the Augmented Age

Discover the evolution of networks and get a look at how we will work, move, and live in the next decade with futurist Maurice Conti.

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October 12, 11:00am to 12:45 : Building The Foundation For Quantum​

Opening Keynote | Preparing for Quantum 2.0

Listen to award-winning quantum physicist Shohini Ghose as she guides you through the basics of quantum computing, its promise, its dangers, and what to expect from it in the future.

Panel Session | The Path to Democratization of Quantum Capabilities

Join our panelists as they discuss the democratization of quantum, explore emerging use cases, and weigh the benefits and dangers of this engineering marvel.

Closing Keynote | Conquering Quantum System Technology Challenges

Join futurist Patrick Moorhead as he provides an exciting glimpse into how quantum technology will impact our lives in the next decade and beyond.

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October 13, 11:00am to 12:45 : Advancing Development with Digital Twins and AI

Opening Keynote | Digital Twins and AI: Accelerating Innovative Product Design

Join Dr. Michael Grieves, creator of the digital twin concept, as he lays out why the technology’s ability to model and simulate across the product lifecycle is transforming product development.

Panel Session | Digital Twins: The Developer’s Fast Lane

Join our expert panelists as they explore how digital twins and AI will play a critical role in transforming modern product design and discuss emerging real-world use cases.

Closing Keynote | Building Your Own Metaverse: Stacking Digital Twins

Hear mad scientist Vivienne Ming discuss whether the metaverse will demand a radical shift in our approach to customer engagement, branding, product development, and innovation.

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October 14, 11:00am to 12:45 : Accelerating the Automotive Revolution

Opening Keynote | The Power of Power

Join Tesla’s Javier Verdura as he discusses the power of design and how the lessons Tesla learned are influencing legacy automakers to adopt electric vehicles as a roadmap for future growth.

Panel Session | One Power, Many Standards

Hear our expert panelists discuss the electric vehicle revolution, from battery technology to charging infrastructure, and what technological advances are really needed to bring it over the finish line.

Closing Keynote | How Safe is Safe Enough?

Join Chris Gerdes, co-director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS), as he takes you to the racetrack to map out the future of safe autonomous vehicles.

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