Fuel cell test module for lab and vehicle

Fuel cell test module for lab and vehicle

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The module is used to constantly monitor the cell voltage of fuel cell systems and large batteries. Available now in the fourth generation, the MCM Intelliprobe handles voltages up to 1400 V at an accuracy of less than 1 millivolt.


Despite its high isolation resistance, the measurement module is very small: One module that can handle up to ten channels (and ten corresponding cells) measures just 100 x 30 x 10.5 mm. For its compact size, it can be used in stationary lab environments and mobile applications such as vehicles or ships alike. If more than ten cells have to be monitored, multiple modules can be combined like Lego bricks. No wiring is required. Thus, the new generation offers much more flexibility and modularity compared to its predecessor with a maximum of 90 channels.


Another feature is the capability to select different measurement ranges; test engineers can chose between a range from -1V to +5V or -3V to +3V – a unique selling proposal, as highlights Smart TestSolutions CEO Wolfgang Neu.


A complete measurement system integrates up to 42 ten-channel voltage monitoring modules, enabling users to concurrently acquire the voltages of 420 channels, a link module to connect to supply and communications lines, and a bus termination module. Data transfer is achieved across a CAN bus.


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