Full HD 1080p image capture features digital graticule

Full HD 1080p image capture features digital graticule

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Optilia Instruments' full HD 1080p SD-Card image capture device now comes with a digital graticule that gives users an important measuring tool overlay for checking a visual parameter, such as a dimension, angle, shape, size envelope, or more on a live video stream.
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The company has advanced its firmware so that the captured image of an object under inspection can be saved with the graticule overlay.

This elegant plug and play solution is a major benefit to those seeking a cost-effective and flexible way to record, measure, document and share work when additional processing and analysis is not required at a specific work station. In addition to Full HD 1080p still image capture on an SD-card, HD-CAP incorporates a USB port for simultaneous display of reference images on a second monitor and a real-time "Digital Graticule" function that enables the user to overlay lines, annotations, geometry figures, patterns and CAD drawings with the live picture. Great mobility is brought through saving the images on a universally popular SD card that can be used on any compatible computer or device.

The package includes a convenient HDMI output that allows live display on any HDMI equipped screen or display device. Reference Product No. OP-009 081.

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