Fuses for LED driver circuitry

Fuses for LED driver circuitry

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By Graham Prophet

A compact design is important because power supplies for LEDs are kept very compact. Finally, fuses for the primary protection of LED lamps must guarantee reliable protection over long operating periods and at high temperatures. To this requirements list, Schurter offers its UMT 250, UMF 250 and UMT-H SMD fuses: They are very robust in handling high inrush current peaks thanks to their time-lag and quick-acting characteristics, a high I²t value and high breaking capacity of up to 200 A for the UMT 250/UMF 250 and 1500 A for the UMT-H. The compact dimensions make it possible to use the SMD fuses even in devices where space is very limited. They offer reliable tripping over a large temperature range during their entire service life, and low voltage drop.


Schurter; Microsite UMT-H and Microsite UMF 250



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UMT 250 and UMF 250:

– High breaking capacity up to 200 A

– 34 rated currents from 50 mA up to 10 A

– Time-lag (T) and quick-acting (F) characteristics

– Compact, square design, easy PCB assembly and soldering
– All global main approvals such as VDE, cURus

– Halogen-free and RoHs compliant



– High rated voltages up to 250-277 VAC and 250 VDC

– High breaking capacity (H) of 1500 A at rated voltage

– 29 rated currents from 63 mA to 30 A

– Time-lag (T) characteristics according to UL 248-14

– Compact, square design, easy PCB assembly and soldering
– cURus approval
– Halogen-free and RoHS-compliant



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