Gallium oxide power transistors achieve record values

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Reporting their findings in a paper titled “Lateral 1.8 kV β -Ga2O3 MOSFET With 155 MW/cm2 Power Figure of Merit“ published in the IEEE Electron Device Letters September issue, the scientists designed ß-Ga2O3-MOSFETs with a high breakdown voltage of 1.8 kilovolts and a record power figure of merit of 155 megawatts per square centimeter. They achieved unique performance figures close to the theoretical material limit of gallium oxide thanks to an optimized layer structure and gate topology. The basis was provided by substrates from the Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth with an optimized epitaxial layer structure. As a result, the defect density could be reduced and electrical properties improved. This leads to lower on-state resistances. The gate is the central ‘switching point’ of field effect transistors, controlled by the gate-source voltage. Its topology has been further optimized, allowing to reduce high field strengths at the gate edge.

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