Galvanic isolated digital interfaces for industrial control

Galvanic isolated digital interfaces for industrial control

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This technology provides robust galvanic isolation between the inputs, such as sensors or switches, of a control system on the one-hand and the microcontroller or bus ASIC on the other-hand. The high level of functional integration combined with good energy-efficiency turns Isoface digital input products into key enablers for highly compact and cost-efficient industrial control solutions such as input cards or sensor modules. Compared with alternative solutions they enable up to four times more channels on the same PCB area, says the manufacturer.

The dgital input products sample information from multiple digital sources, such as sensors, in the automation system and transfer it to the CPU. The new Infineon solution offers communication frequencies of up to 500 kHz, substantially exceeding the traditional solutions, which depend on optocouplers. To improve the EMI robustness of the control systems each of the 8 inputs (according to IEC61131-2 / Type 1/2/3) of the ISO1I813T has individually programmable deglitching filters.

In addition, the product’s channel-specific diagnostic capability supports detection of failures like input wire-break between a sensor and an IC input. Furthermore, the device’s supply voltage on the input side is monitored and in case of failures a two-staged warning signal is being sent to the CPU. These features greatly improve factory level maintenance and provide a significant contribution to minimize costly factory-floor down-times.
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