GaN 50-V transistors target wideband applications

GaN 50-V transistors target wideband applications

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Enabling engineerrs to deliver higher performance while managing size, cost and power, this family of 50-V GaN transistors offers significant operational and system cost savings from greater system-level efficiency. The small device size and higher impedance input/output leads help optimize board designs for radar, communications, avionics, wideband amplifiers and test instrumentation.

The QPD1009 and QPD1010 are now available in low-cost 3- x 3-mm plastic QFN packages, while the QPD1008(L) and QPD1015(L) are now available in industry standard, thermally enhanced NI-360 air cavity ceramic packages, in eared and earless versions. This family of GaN transistors operates from 10 W up to 125 W power levels.

Product Psat (W) Frequency (GHz) Output Power (P3dB) PAE (%) SS Gain (dB) Packaging
QPD1009 15 DC-4 42 72 24 3×3 QFN
QPD1010 10 DC-4 40 70 25 3×3 QFN
QPD1008 125 DC-3.2 51 70 18 Earless NI-360
QPD1008L 125 DC-3.2 51 70 18 Eared NI-360
QPD1015 65 DC-3.7 48 70 20 Earless NI-360
QPD1015L 65 DC-3.7 48 70 20 Eared NI-360

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