GaN boosts onboard charger power density

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By Nick Flaherty

The 6.7kW OBC features a size and weight of 2.3l and 4.5kg, three times better than current chargers. With an efficiency above 96% across a wide load range, the design helps automotive manufacturers reduce power losses and weight while enabling faster charging for electric car owners.

With a universal 110‐220V/16-32A AC input and 200‐430V DC output for charging the automotive battery by controlling voltage and current flow to the battery, the 6.7kW OBC is designed to provide the interfaces to charging standards on the input power side and thus adapts to charging infrastructure. The design which uses VisIC’s GaN technology, designed for Automotive qualification requirements AEC-Q101, demonstrates reduction in power losses, size and weight. The overall advantages include simplifying the cooling systems, reducing the charging time and reducing the size and cost of the EV.

“We are happy to release this OBC reference-design to help our customers to accelerate the design cycle and bring the best-in-class xEV chargers using VisIC’s GaN technology to the market in a fast and efficient way,” says Ran Soffer, VisIC’s SVP Sales & Marketing. “This reference design proves the benefits and improvements VisIC’s GaN technology can bring to the xEV users. With VisIC’s GaN technology, electrical cars will be more efficient, lighter in weight and more affordable.”

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