GaN power transistors provide superior linear performance

GaN power transistors provide superior linear performance

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The release of the RFHA3942 and RFHA3944 follows the previous release of the RF393X series of UPTs targeting continuous wave (CW) and pulsed peak power applications. This latest series of linear GaN discrete amplifiers is optimized for broadband applications requiring linear back-off operation or reduced spurious performance.

RFMD plans to further its technology leadership position with future releases of 10 W and 95 W linear GaN devices over the next 12 months, expanding the GaN UPT options available to RFMD’s customers.

The company’s highly linear GaN UPTs target new and existing communication architectures requiring improved broadband linear performance in support of high peak-to-average modulation waveforms. The RFHA3942 and RFHA3944 are tunable over a broad frequency range (DC to 4 GHz) and provide CW peak power of 35 W and 65 W respectively. They also offer high gain of 15 dB and high peak efficiency of >55%.

Using an IS95 9.8 dB PAR signal tuned to 2.1 GHz, the RFHA3942 achieves -43 dBc adjacent channel power (ACP) at 34 dBm POUT and the RFHA3944 achieves -54 dBc ACP at 37 dBm POUT.

Additionally, the RFHA3942 and RFHA3944 offer high terminal impedance at the input and output of the package, enabling wideband gain and power performance advantages in a single amplifier. Both are packaged in a flanged ceramic two-leaded package that applies the company’s advanced heat-sink and power-dissipation technologies to deliver excellent thermal stability and conductivity.


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