GaN Systems launches fourth generation power transistors

GaN Systems launches fourth generation power transistors

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By Nick Flaherty

GaN Systems has launched its fourth generation gallium nitride transistors.

The e-mode devices target a 20% improvement in input and output figures-of-merit with reduced losses and lower costs, although details are sparse. In an artificial intelligence (AI) server rack, 3.2kW power supplies at 100W/in3 in 2022 with Gen3 devices are now achieving 120W/in3 with efficiencies above Titanium levels.

“We continue to make improvements in performance,” Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems tells eeNews Europe. “There’s two knobs to turn. One is the fab process and the other is design. That gives a greater 20% improvement in the figure of merit. 

GaN Systems uses an island architecture that takes current vertically from the transistor junction to improve the performance.

“The two major things we have done is electric field management and getting rid of white spaces – the non active areas of the chip,” he said.

“Gen4 is the same 100V and 650V products as Gen3. The really interesting thing is that automotive is just booming for us. Data centre power density is also a huge push. That has a tradeoff between EMI and frequency at 100-200kHz, with some customers pushing up to 300kHz,” said Witham.

The company also has designs in consumer chargers and power sockets.

“I think what’s going to happen is that everyone will find their small GaN charger with two ports that fits their lifestyle and they will keep it for ten years so I do see a big boom in the next couple of years, one charger conquers them all,” said Witham.

The parts will be in a range of packages, including PDFN, TOLL, TOLT, and Embedded, allowing the correct Rds on resistance and package combination for each application to optimise the electrical and thermal system performance.

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