GaN Systems, ROHM team for second sourcing and R&D

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By Nick Flaherty

The two companies have agreed to jointly develop form-, fit-, and function-compatible products using the GaN Systems’ die in both its proprietary GaNPX packaging and ROHM’s traditional power semiconductor packaging. GaN Systems and ROHM customers will now have the advantage of having two possible sources for package-compatible GaN power switches as well as GaN devices in mainstream packages.

“The first GaNPX parts will be private labelled by ROHM and from there the die and the packages and the systems could come from either of us,” said Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems at the PCIM show this week. “This provides dual channels to buy the same parts and is our second course capability, it’s a dual source, second source agreement. GaN has rapidly made its ascent into power electronics applications and this partnership exemplifies how important GaN has become in a complete power electronics offering.” 

This plugs a gap in ROHM’s existing product line that has been heavily weighted to silicon carbide (SiC) devices and means engineers benefit from greater access to GaN products and resources globally, especially in Asia, one of the fastest growing market for GaN. The two companies will work together on GaN semiconductor research and development activities on new designs and collaborate to expand their line-up of GaN products and broaden the range of choices.

“ROHM has targeted the power device business as one of our growth strategies. We offer leading-edge products such as SiC power devices and provide power solutions that integrate control technologies, including gate drivers that maximize device performance. We are also developing GaN for next-generation power devices. By leveraging the superior technologies and expertise of both companies, we are able to accelerate the development of high-performance solutions to solve the needs of the power market,” said Katsumi Azuma, Senior Managing Director of ROHM Semiconductor.

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