GaN Systems teams for 300W bridgeless totem pole board

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By Nick Flaherty

GaN Systems has teamed with On Semiconductor on a 300W Bridgeless Totem Pole Power Factor Correction (PFC) evaluation board.

The BTP-PFC board includes ON Semiconductor’s NCP1680, the industry’s first dedicated critical conduction mode (CrM) bridgeless totem pole PFC controller, and GaN Systems’ 650V GS66508B 650V GaN transistors.

The evaluation board allows rapid development of advanced totem pole PFC designs for small form factor power supplies in the data centre, telecom, industrial, and consumer industries. Bridgeless totem piole topologies tend to be used in higher power designs as a resul tof the ighe complexity, so a 300W implementation opens up a wide range of applications.

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On the controller side, this Bridgeless Totem Pole PFC board uses the NCP1680 which offers unique features for operation under light load conditions, digital voltage loop compensation, and near unity power factor in all operating modes. Altogether, the solution achieves near 99 percent efficiency, simplifies design, and reduces bill-of-material count and cost. 

“Leaders like ON Semiconductor recognize the importance of GaN and are optimizing controllers and creating complementary tools like the new 300W PFC evaluation board we introduced today. These solutions strengthen the GaN industry ecosystem in the goal to make better performing and more cost-effective power electronics,” said Jim Witham, CEO at GaN Systems.;

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