GE shows 3.8kV SiC diode

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By Nick Flaherty

A team led by General Electric researchers have developed ultra high voltage silicon carbide SiC superjunction diodes that could form the basis of power switches from 3 to 20kV.

The researchers at GE used very high energy (MeV) ion implantation technology to produce devices with specific on-resistance below the SiC unipolar, or theoretical, limit, resulting in lower losses.

In a paper at the IEDM conference in December, they will show details of 2 kV SiC superjunction PiN diodes and 3.8 kV SiC superjunction junction barrier Schottky (JBS) diodes. These devices represent a scalable path toward future realization of 3-20 kV switches for power electronics applications.

Paper #9.1, “Scalable Ultrahigh Voltage SiC Superjunction Device Technologies for Power Electronics Applications,” R. Ghandi et al, GE/RPI

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