Gear-shifting MCU switches between low-power and high-performance on a single M4 core

Gear-shifting MCU switches between low-power and high-performance on a single M4 core

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The RS12000 SmartMCU family is based on a multi-core IoT processor architecture that can “gear shift” between high-performance and low-power operation. The family’s high-performance, ultra-low-power, and highly-secure operation make it ideal for IoT applications. The RS12000 SmartMCU family has an ARM Cortex M4F running up to 250MHz, sensor hub DSP coprocessor at 125MHz, a four-threaded network security processor based on Redpine’s ThreadArch running up to 160MHz, and a full suite of analogue and digital peripherals.

The family’s high-performance configurations feature up to four cores, with two gear-shifting ARM Cortex M4 processors and two ThreadArch network security processors. The integrated network security processor can run an embedded TCP/IP stack, offloading the primary M4 processor and providing full access to the M4 processor cycles and RAM. A sensor hub coprocessor operating at 125MHz accelerates DSP processing and machine learning functions within a local sensor data buffer, freeing up the M4 further. RS12000 SmartMCU products have suite-B Crypto HW accelerators, secure boot, secure firmware upgrade, secure XIP and secure peripherals.

Gear-shifting is achieved through hierarchical architecture, including big and small bus matrices, switching regulators, clock-sources, memory, GPIOs and peripherals, providing optimized transitions between high-performance and low-power operating modes on the same M4 processor core.

The RS12000 series also includes an “always-on” sensor-hub with hardware accelerators for voice-activity detection (VAD), sensor data collection and capacitive touch. The RS12000 also supports a rich set of digital and analog peripherals including VAD, CAN, Ethernet, eMMC/SD Card, ADC, OpAmps, DAC and USB HS-OTG with PHY. The RS12000 interfaces with Redpine’s RS9116 wireless connectivity solutions to provide Wi-Fi, dual-mode BT 5 and 802.15.4 connectivity for IoT products.

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