Gemalto teams with Encore Networks for mission critical M2M communications as US shifts to wireless

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Gemalto’s Cinterion M2M technology will provide wireless connectivity for Encores’ ruggedized routers deployed in mission critical applications for diverse market segments from Government, Electrical, Oil & Gas, Waste & Water, Transportation to the Enterprise.
The routers use the Cinterion multimode M2M technology to wirelessly gather mission critical data from legacy customer premise equipment and rapidly transmit it to centers around the US.The communication module is engineered to withstand high temperatures, humidity, vibration and shock with proven reliability in the harshest conditions and most severe weather conditions. The solution enables secure 3G connectivity on both CDMA and GSM mobile networks allowing integrators to develop one product design for any mobile network while significantly reducing development costs and speeding up time to market for innovative products. With a footprint that matches Gemalto’s other 3G and future-oriented M2M modules, the Encore Networks router can be easily customized or upgraded without major design changes as technology needs and networks evolve.
“Gemalto’s unique multimode solution helped us design and quickly launch a first-to-market innovative industrial hardened router to cost-effectively upgrade any hard wire copper solution to wireless,” said Peter Madsen, CEO, Encore Networks. “With network operators in the US suspending support for wired line infrastructure over the next four years, Gemalto and Encore are well positioned to solve critical connectivity challenges for millions of applications, ranging from industrial automation for M2M and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems to traffic lights and more.”
“Reliable connectivity is of the utmost concern in any vertical market and this first-of-its-kind multimode module helps ensure organizations can implement one solution across the country that will work on today’s diverse and evolving networks,” said Paul Kobos, Head of Sales for M2M at Gemalto North America. “Gemalto is committed to helping global enterprises and industries protect their technology investments with intelligent M2M solutions that support forward evolution and stand the test of time.”


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