Google backer offers $50 million quantum computer investment

Google backer offers $50 million quantum computer investment

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CQCL has created an operating system for quantum computers called t|ket> and has a suite of applications and algorithms designed to run. It does its development work on simulations of quantum computers. Applications that could benefit from the parallelism of quantum computing include cryptography, financial services, medical and bioscience research and big data, according to the company which also supports research on the development of a quantum processor.

Santiago-based Grupo Arcano’s Alberto Chang-Rajii made his wealth by buying a stake in Google in 1996. CQCL was co-founded by Ilyas Khan, early in 2013 and Chang-Rajii is set to join board as deputy chairman.

Other companies are already developing quantum computers include D-Wave Systems Inc. (Burnaby, British Columbia), founded in 1999. D-Wave has developed a Josephson junction based superconducting processor for quantum computing.

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