Graphcore signs strategic deal with Atos

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By Nick Flaherty

The deal means Graphcore will play a central role in Atos’ ThinkAI strategy that is aimed at digital transformation across the whole of industry.

Atos has a broader focus on supplying high performance computing to a wide range of industries, giving Graphcore’s chip, card and ‘pod’ technology significantly wider reach. The partnership follows the first major joint customer, Korean technology giant NHN, which recently announced that it will be using Graphcore IPU-POD systems in its datacentre projects.

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The strategy is focused on the twin objectives of accelerating pure artificial intelligence and advancing the application of AI in areas that are traditionally the preserve of high-performance computing (HPC). 

ThinkAI draws on Atos’ AI business consultancy expertise, backed by the Atos Centre of Excellence in Advanced Computing, its digital security capabilities, and software such as Codex AI Suite and Atos HPC Software Suites, to enable organisations to accelerate time to AI operationalisation and industrialisation. 

Atos tailor Graphcore’s systems for early evaluation and proof-of-concept, to scale-up systems that grow in line with their compute needs, both through cloud services and on-premises IPU-POD systems.  The IPU technology has been qualified for the Atos BullSequana X400 servers, alongside servers from Dell, Supermicro and Boston.

“With ThinkAI, we’re making it possible for organizations from any industry to achieve breakthroughs with AI,” said Agnès Boudot, Senior Vice President, Head of HPC & Quantum at Atos. “Graphcore’s IPU hardware and Poplar software is opening up new opportunities for innovators to explore the potential of AI for their organizations, complemented with our industry-tailored AI business consultancy, digital security capabilities and software such as Atos Codex Suite, we’re excited to be orchestrating these cutting-edge technologies in our ThinkAI solution.” 

Over the past two decades Atos has designed and delivered multiple IT projects across HPC, IOT, cloud and Industry 4.0 automation with 15 R&D centres around the world. The partnership will also give Atos access to the technologies Graphcore is developing for sparse AI in the SparCity European project.

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