Grayshift introduces Android support for mobile device forensics

Grayshift introduces Android support for mobile device forensics

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Grayshift, LLC has extended its flagship GrayKey mobile device forensics to support leading Android mobile devices, starting with the Samsung s20 and s9. Recognized for its leadership in mobile forensics for iOS devices, Grayshift introduces new capabilities to maximize evidentiary value from Android devices to help law enforcement solve crimes faster.

Access is the cornerstone of digital forensics. Grayshift delivers the most robust access and extraction capabilities for locked and encrypted mobile devices. A trusted partner to law enforcement and government investigative agencies, Grayshift enables lawful, same-day access to solve more crimes in less time. Key features and benefits of the GrayKey include:

  • Speed – lawful same-day access for both iOS and leading Android devices, often in less than one hour.
  • Access – access to encrypted data and locked devices.
  • Depth – collect encrypted 3rd party application databases and enable decryption.
  • Control – maintain evidence chain of custody.

By extending support for leading Android devices, GrayKey now offers law enforcement agencies the most complete file system extraction available for Android devices.

“Digital evidence is often a key factor in criminal investigations today. Lawful access to digital evidence can mean the difference between discovering the truth and a criminal investigation remaining unsolved,” said David Miles, co-founder and CEO of Grayshift.

“Legacy digital forensic investigations tools often fail to support the latest mobile devices and can require weeks if not months to access and extract digital evidence.Law enforcement agencies need technology like GrayKey that can lawfully and quickly access digital evidence to accelerate criminal investigations and reduce the backlog of mobile devices sitting in evidence.”

According to Mitch Kajzer, Director of St. Joseph County Cyber Crimes Unit at the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, “The ability to access a locked Samsung phone is invaluable. Not only have we been able to access devices that were previously inaccessible, but also the amount of data extracted by GrayKey is far more than any we have even seen previously extracted from an Android phone.”

Kerry Armistead, VP of Product Management with Grayshift, added, “Solving crimes quickly is a top priority for law enforcement agencies facing new challenges with the ever changing and evolving technology landscape and Grayshift has risen to meet this challenge. The speed of collecting data and the depth of data analysis is paramount in digital forensics and our purpose-built GrayKey lawfully extracts evidentiary value to help solve the most serious and time-sensitive cases.”


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