Ground sense comparators are ultra-high noise tolerant

Ground sense comparators are ultra-high noise tolerant

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In contrast to conventional products whose output voltage can fluctuate up to ±20%, the BA8290xYxx-C series uses superior noise tolerance to limit output voltage fluctuation to within ±1%, preventing malfunctions. This enables reduction of design resources and time for noise characterization and measure implementation that plays an important role in automotive systems design while improving reliability.

The ultra-high noise-tolerant comparators use the company’s EMARMOUR proprietary technology that features superior noise tolerance and helps to reduce design resources to implement measures against noise. This series has achieved superior noise tolerance when used as comparators to determine the threshold value of sensor output signals. Superior noise tolerance eliminates the need for external components used in noise countermeasures (CR filters for the power supply, input, and output pins) used with conventional products. For example, in the case of a 4ch comparator, Rohm’s new products require 28 fewer components than conventional solutions. The BA8290xYxxx-C series is qualified under the automotive reliability standard AEC-Q100 and reduces both current consumption (0.6mA vs 0.8mA) and offset voltage (±5mV vs ±7mV) compared to conventional products.

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