Gull wing package boost for 40V MOSFETs

Gull wing package boost for 40V MOSFETs

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By Nick Flaherty

Toshiba Electronics has developed a new package to boost the performance of MOSFETs in automotive designs.

The S-TOGL (Small Transistor Outline Gull wing Lead) package measures 7.0mm × 8.44mm × 2.3mm to give power MOSFETs higher current density to address the size constraints within automotive equipment.

The post-less design and multi-pin structure for the source leads in the S-TOGL package significantly decreases package resistance and allows the latest automotive grade 40V N-channel power MOSFETs to have pulse current rating up to 600A in packages smaller than toady’s DPAK+ devices.

The XPJR6604PB and XPJ1R004PB 40V MOSFETs have a VDSS rating of 40V and the XPJR6604PB is rated for a continuous drain current (ID) of 200A (XPJ1R004PB = 160A). Both devices are rated for pulsed current (IDP) at 3x this value, 600A and 480A respectively. The 200A rating is higher than that achieved by Toshiba’s 6.5mm × 9.5mm DPAK+ package.

The 40V MOSFETs are based upon Toshiba’s latest U-MOS IX-H process which, combined with the S=TOGL package, gives the XPJR6604PB an on-resistance (RDS(ON)) of 0.66mΩ (XPJ1R004PB = 1.0mΩ). This is an 11% reduction when compared to Toshiba’s existing TO-220SM(W) packaged TKR74F04PB. 

The S-TOGL package also reduces the mounting area by around 55% compared while retaining the channel-to-case thermal resistance characteristics (Zth(ch-c)) which for the XPJR6604PB is 0.4ºC/W and XPJ1R004PB is 0.67ºC/W.

The gull-wing leads reduce mounting stress, improving the reliability of the solder joint.

Suited to harsh temperature environments, the MOSFETs are AEC-Q101 qualified and capable of operating at channel temperatures (Tch) up to 175ºC.

Toshiba offers matched shipments for the devices, in which the gate threshold voltage range does not exceed 0.4V for each reel. This facilitates designs with small characteristic variations for applications requiring parallel connectivity for high-current operation.

The XPJR6604PB and XPJ1R004PB 40V MOSFETs are in mass production.


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