Hack your own Vision with this Monocle AR device

Hack your own Vision with this Monocle AR device

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By Wisse Hettinga

Computer vision meets the human eye with Open Source Eyewear

In the old days ‘Open Source’ was regarded as something dirty, something you could not trust – not reliable for the real world. That idea has shifted dramatically over the years: open source software is playing a main role in the world’s IT infrastructure. Also the open source hardware is very much present – developers, hackers, tinkerers know what to do with it.

The Monocle is a nice example of such an open source hardware project. It is a AR device that comes with all the documentation and code to allow you to change it into something beautiful and weird. Hackers are invited to change vision and take AR application to a new level. The Monocle is a..monocle, say a very smart piece of optics complete with touch sensor, camera, Micro OLED display, a Nordic MCU, FPGA and bluetooth 5.0.

So, hackaway!

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