Hall-effect angle sensors measure angles in rotating systems

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The A1332, with an onboard 32-bit processor and EEPROM for factory and customer programmability, includes segmented and Fourier linearisation functions to support challenging off-axis/side-shaft magnetic sensing configurations commonly found in electronic power steering and transmission applications. The A1332 also supports on-axis/end-of-shaft magnetic sensing configurations, and can produce high-accuracy angle measurements with an output refresh period of 32 µs. The device incorporates a 2-wire I²C digital interface with signal path and I/O diagnostics for achieving higher reliability to meet ASIL automotive safety requirements.

The A1334 has onboard digital signal processing functions and also offers EEPROM for programmability, is designed specifically for on-axis/end-of-shaft applications that require ultra-fast output refresh rates and low signal path latency. Its 4-wire 10 MHz SPI interface offers a 25 µs output refresh period and a nominal signal-path latency of only 60 µs. In addition, the A1334 can operate directly off a vehicle battery, supporting a wide 4.5-14.5 V supply voltage range, while consuming just 10 mA (max) of supply current. Like the A1332, the A1334 includes signal-path and I/O diagnostics for achieving ASIL safety requirements.

Both devices can operate in a low RPM mode, to support up to 12 bits of output resolution in lower angular velocity applications, and in a high RPM mode to support situations demanding faster refresh rates and lower single-path latency.

As part of their signal processing functions, the ICs include automotive-grade temperature compensation to provide accurate angle measurements over the full operating temperature and voltage range of the devices. The A1332 and A1334 are also air-gap independent and can operate over a 300-1000 Gs magnetic target field level, making them less sensitive to stray fields and ensuring high levels of accuracy. The on-chip EEPROM technology also enables flexible programming of end-of-line calibration parameters.

The A1332 and A1334 operate over the -40° to +85°C and -40° to +150°C temperature ranges, respectively, and are each available as a single die in a 1 mm thin 14-pin TSSOP (LE suffix) package. For ISO26262 ASIL D safety critical systems requiring sensor redundancy, the A1334 will also be supplied in a dual die TSSOP-24 package. All packages are lead (Pb) free with 100% matt tin leadframe plating.

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