Hall effect sensors series with fixed 4 to 20mA output

Hall effect sensors series with fixed 4 to 20mA output

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Premo has introduced a new family of Hall effect sensors with a fixed output current in the range of 4 to 20mA. Such true RMS sensing is the most accurate way to measure power supply and it is also used to indicate a motor's load and mode of operation.
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The true RMS function of the HCT-DHR420 is able to measure pulse signals and the sensor family can take input sensing currents from 20 up to 1000A. Linearity is below 0.5% with ±1% of accuracy. Bandwidth is up to 6kHz with a response time below 200ms. Other characteristics include an offset drift versus temperature as low as 0.5uA/ºC, the sensors draw 30mA at no current condition. The current sensor is designed to meet the highest safety requirements and is fully isolated with a plastic housing, meeting isolation values higher than 4000 Vac.

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