Handheld spectrum analyzers deliver unprecedented performance up to 43 GHz

Handheld spectrum analyzers deliver unprecedented performance up to 43 GHz

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The MS2720T features a touchscreen, full-band tracking generators to 20 GHz, and best-in-class performance for dynamic range, DANL, phase noise, and sweep speed, providing unprecedented levels of spectrum monitoring, hidden signal detection, RF/microwave measurements, and testing of microwave backhauls and cellular signals.

Continuous frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 43 GHz is provided by the Spectrum Master MS2720T. It features an improved sweep mode that allows users to set resolution bandwidth from 30 kHz to 10 MHz with minimal effect on sweep speed. Because the sweep speed with a 30 kHz bandwidth is nearly the same as a 10 MHz RBW, sensitivity can be selected without the need for long sweep times. For maximum flexibility, sweep triggering can be set to free run or a single sweep. In zero span, sweeps can be free run, set to trigger when a signal meets or exceeds a designated power level, or it can be externally triggered. Spans can be set from 10 Hz to 9, 13, 20, 32, or 43 GHz, in addition to zero span.

The MS2720T has dynamic range of >106 dB in 1 Hz RBW, DANL of -163 dBm in 1 Hz RBW, and phase noise of -112 dBm at 10 kHz offset at 1 GHz. A burst detect sweep mode function allows emitters as short as 200 µs to be captured every time, allowing the MS2720T to detect bursty signals that can lead to finding intermittent or bursty emitters. A Burst Detect™ Sweep Mode increases sweep speed more than 1,000 times in a 15 MHz span.

A full-band tracking generator that covers 100 kHz to 9, 13, or 20 GHz is available. The tracking generator provides state-of-the-art features not available on competitive handheld analyzers, including 0.1 dB power step size, wide dynamic range up to 100 dB, and power output flatness of ±0.5 dB. The tracking generator includes a Continuous Wave (CW) generator for measuring fixed frequency components, as well.

An advanced 8.4-inch touchscreen user interface is incorporated into the Spectrum Master MS2720T. With the new touchscreen, users can add shortcut buttons for any menu button or file, making it possible for a setup file to be recalled with a single press of the touchscreen.

The MS2720T has extensive interference measurement capability, including Spectrograms that show events over time, making it simple to locate intermittent interferers. Signal strength measurements, coupled with a directional antenna, make it easier to find rogue transmitters. Like all Spectrum Master handheld spectrum analyzers, the MS2720T has dedicated routines for one-button measurements of field strength, channel power, occupied bandwidth, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) and Carrier to Interference (C/I).

The MS2720T offers six options for measuring the major wireless standards around the world, such as LTE FDD/TDD, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, W-CDMA/HSPA+, TD-SCDMA/HSPA+, CDMA/EV-DO, and WiMAX Fixed/Mobile. Other capabilities include measurements for Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) that when combined with Anritsu’s EMI probe kit allows engineers to troubleshoot EMI issues and provide an inexpensive way to “pre-screen” for problems, improving time-to-market.

Designed for field use, the Spectrum Master MS2720T has a durable housing that can withstand the extreme temperatures and environments associated with field use. Depending on the model, weight is between 4.4 kg to 4.9 kg, and all models measure 315 x 211 x 94 mm.

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