Hardware/software approach to measuring flicker noise

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Flicker noise, Agilent observes, has long been considered a critical characteristic of electronic devices. It significantly affects performance of circuits such as active mixers, voltage-controlled oscillators, frequency dividers, op amps and comparators; fundamental building blocks in RF, analogue/mixed signal, and high-speed wireline communication applications. Flicker noise and RTN are also both sensitive indicators of semiconductor material and manufacturing processes.

Agilent’s newest Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyser employs a modular design that allows it to minimise system noise, provide measurement capabilities at an ultra-low frequency, and offer the best high-voltage/high-current handling capabilities.

“Over the past two decades, Agilent has provided the world’s top semiconductor material suppliers, foundries, integrated device manufacturers, and design houses with systems for low-frequency noise characterisation,” says Brian Chen, device modelling planning manager at Agilent EEsof EDA. “The E4727A Analyser incorporates innovative measurement algorithms to deliver the industry’s fastest measurement speed to date.”



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