Hardware/software for gesture control in TVs and PCs

Hardware/software for gesture control in TVs and PCs

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TI plans to demonstrate its new 3D time-of-flight (ToF) image sensor chipset which integrates SoftKinetic’s DepthSense pixel technology and runs SoftKinetic’s iisu middleware for finger, hand and full-body tracking. The TI chipset is inside 3D cameras that control a laptop and a smart TV to access and navigate movies, games and other content with the wave of a hand. The TV demonstration also features TI’s OMAP 5 processor, which powers an impressive natural user interface with robust gesture recognition and full-HD graphics.

TI’s ToF chipset, featuring a 3D sensor employing SoftKinetic’s DepthSense pixel technology, delivers high sensitivity and the real-time motion tracking responsiveness consumers expect.

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