Harvard Technology partners with Matrix on adaptive LED lighting

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By Julien Happich

EyeNut, the company’s wireless lighting control solution for indoor and outdoor lighting was selected as part of a substantial retrofit roll-out for a leading UK retailer across 3,000 stores. It will form part of a single Building Energy Management System which connects air conditioning, heating, ventilation, security systems and lighting.

Harvard Technology’s cloud-based, IoT-enabled, remote access, wireless control solution EyeNut system will be presented in a large interactive demonstration of the ‘Connected Retail’ estate at EuroShop, where attendees will be able to see how the system can be implemented in a large-scale application like a shopping centre.

EyeNut’s latest evolution adds new features such as emergency testing functionality and Building Energy Management System (BEMS) integration, to a system that has already delivered substantial monetary and energy savings to clients in the retail sector, including The White Company. Harvard Technology will also launch its latest innovation – EyeNode – at the exhibition, allowing EyeNut users to monitor both indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures across multiple buildings and locations from one interface.

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