HDMI converter expands APIX3 ecosystem

HDMI converter expands APIX3 ecosystem

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

APIX3 (Automotive Pixel Link) is a multi-channel serialiser/deserialiser technology for high-resolution LED and video applications in motor vehicles. It is used in particular in modern infotainment and driver assistance systems (ADAS) and can simultaneously establish multiple display connections with a bandwidth of up to 12 Gbit/s and supports HD as well as Ultra HD displays.

The converter was developed by ARRK Engineering and has a flexibly controllable firmware. It enables easy analysis of APIX3 displays as well as uncomplicated debugging of the component. Both image and control data can be transmitted. The resolution of the HDMI interface can be adjusted automatically or manually to the respective APIX3 display. By integrating driver functions, a complex control device can be simulated. It is also possible to receive and evaluate MII Ethernet data.

The HDMI-APIX3 converter features a compact design with dimensions of 105 mm x 46 mm x 80 mm. On the front side, there is one interface each for the USB, Ethernet and HDMI connection. The rear allows the connection of the APIX3 component to be tested, a supply voltage of 12 VDC and a replaceable SD card. The integrated microcontroller controls all important functions of the converter. For example, it coordinates the display data channel of the HDMI interface so that the video data is sent in the format for the connected display. This also allows the resolution of the HDMI interface to be adjusted at runtime. In this way, the desired image content can be played back on the display device.

The application possibilities of the HDMI-APIX3 converter are manifold. In display development, it is suitable both as a general measurement and video source. It is also used for testing new designs and concepts, rapid prototyping or HMI development. Since the HDMI-APIX3 converter is downward compatible with the APIX2 interface, it can also be used with displays of the previous generation.

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